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We are a small midwest company, making parts for antique and vintage motorcycles, made in the USA, from 1901 to 1966. Making many parts for several makes and models of American made motorcycles. We strive to make the best parts possible for antique and vintage bikes. This started out as a hobby some 19 years ago for our own restorations and grew into making over 1600 items. We have shipped world wide and even done a little consulting over the years for some popular reality bike shows and have sold to many celebrities to this day. We try our best to do exhausting research on all of the items we make. Even going so far as to try and keep all metals and supplies American made for our process of manufacturing. Most of our items are handmade and some are machine made. We just can't seem to look at any other type of business to get into even though we could make much more with the time it takes and the return in this business....this is just to much fun and we have such a great respect for the fathers of the American made motorcycles from 1901 to 1966, no matter who made the make or model over this period. We watch so many times as a builder, who buys our parts, resurrects a sleeping giant which resided for years in rust and crust and bring all of its parts back together and breathe life back into it. It just gives a kind of satisfaction one cannot get anywhere else. Thanks to all, indianprince.org

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