• 1925 Indian Prince Motorcycle single cylinder..click for data on this motorcycle.

    This is the first year of the Indian prince single cylinder models.

  • 1927 Indian Prince single cylinder motorcycle. click on image for Data on this Indian.

    1927 Indian Prince Motorcycle seen many changes on this model year.
    This is the 3rd year of the Indian Prince motorcycle.
    click on the image or go to our home page at https://www.indianprince.og and
    see all the data we have posted on this motorcycle.
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  • 1926 Indian Prince single cylinder motorcycle 2nd year. Click on image for Data on this motorcycle.

    1926 Indian Prince motorcycle was the 2nd year built.
    some changes differ from the 1925.
    For more Data on this model year go to our home page.
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  • 1928 Indian Prince motorcycle. Last year made of the Prince. click on image to see more Data.

    1928 was the Last Year of the Indian Prince motorcycle.


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Indian Prince OHV Models where a strong contender.

Indian Prince 1925 to 1928

The great Little single cylinder motorcycle from Indian

If you own one of these single cylinder Indian Prince motorcycle, You are a fortunate soul.
Getting very hard to find and original parts are so expensive and harder to find.
Good Luck with your project and if we can help in anyway email us.
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