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1925 ad Learn to drive in 5 minutes

1925 indian prince motorcycle ad


Accessory handlebars for the Indian Prince.
Indian Prince Accessory handle bars Sport bars, semi racing type


1926 Indian Prince Ad

1926 silver jubilee ad for the indian prince


Indian Prince ad for the Solo Single

This is an vintage article ad out of the 1927 riders manual about the Indian Prince, picture above.
The Solo Single
Easier to handle than a bike. You can
learn to operate it in 5 minutes.
Climbs steepest hill on high. Speeds
to 50 miles per hour. Turns in 7-foot
circle. Low saddle. Three speed trans-
mission. Two-unit electrical system.
Light in weight, yet sturdy in con-
struction. 90 miles per gallon gas.
Less than 1c per mile operating cost
Price with complete electrical equip-
ment $225.00 F.O.B. Springfield,



1928 Indian Prince three wheel conversion
Indian Prince three wheeler conversion
An attachment conversion kit available at the time to turn your Indian Prince into a three wheeler.
Many singles turned into 3 wheelers at garages,parts depots etc.


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1926 Indian Prince parts.

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1928 Indian Prince parts.

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