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Indian Prince OHV. This picture is of a 1926 model

The most noticeable features of the OHV engine is of course the
Jug and head and the exposed lifter rods also the bronze gear cover,
and the higher perched magneto pedestal,and the glass oil check
on the bottom of the engine case.

In the photos numbered A. and B. you will notice the differences right off.
A. is the standard case and B. is the OHV cases.
The bottom of the case on B. you can see the oil glass and the Bronze
Gear cover.
The Indian Prince OHV cases where thinner then the standard cases.
The higher perch for the magneto pedestal.
The OHV was a two cam setup.
The case of the OHV had B & S which stands for Brown and Sharp which
was the company who made castings for Indian at the time.

How to ID the OHV by serial number.
Generally the standard serial numbers on the boss, lets say for instance a 1926,
the numbers would start out like this AL-001 on the standard models,
while the OHV racing case boss would be ALR-001
The R always came after the standard letter year.
Three styles of Indian Prince motorcycles where made,
1.Flat Head Version. 2. OHV Street machine. 3.OHV Racers.


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