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Adjusting the Mechanical Oiler Prior to 1928.

How to adjust the Indian Prince mechanical oiler prior to 1928


The mechanical oilier is properly adjusted at the factory before the machine is shipped
to care for the oil supply while the motor is new. This adjustment may require resetting
after the machine has been operated 500 miles.
If the nature of the country where the motorcycle is used is such that a re-adjustment of
the oil feed is necessary, proceed as follows:
First: Remove caps (1) and (2), Figure 5, and loosen, but do not remove screw (3).
Second: If it is necessary to increase the oil feed, turn plunger screw (4) to the right
(clockwise) not more than half a turn. Tighten screw (3), replace caps (1 and (2)
and test machine to see if adjustment is correct. Repeat if necessary.
Third: If it is necessary to reduce oil feed, follow above, except that screw (4) should
be turned over to the left (anti-clockwise) instead of to the right.
Note: the oil feed is proper when in normal driving a very slight blue haze is noticeable
at the exhaust and the oil level is maintained at the proper point in the crankcase.
The oil feed is below normal when it is necessary to use the auxiliary hand pump to
maintain the proper crankcase level in normal service.
The oil feed is excessive when the engine smokes profusely and continuously in normal
service and there is a tendency for the crankcase level to build up-the spark plugs to foul-
the engine to act sluggish-and carbon to accumulate.


Adjusting the 1928 Indian Prince Mechanical Oiler.

How to adjust the Indian prince 1928 mechanical oiler

If for any good reason it is necessary to alter the adjustment of the oil flow,
loosen lock-nut (B), Fig. 6, and turn screw (A) to the right (IN) to
decrease the oil supply, and to the left (OUT) to increase the oil supply.
Turn this screw only one half a turn at a time. After any adjustments,
be sure and tighten the lock nut (B). When the screw (A) is all the way
in against (B) the oilier will not pump.
The mechanical oilier can fail to pump only when the tank becomes dry.
If at any time, you run out of oil in the oil compartment, and ail lock may
result, and it must receive immediate attention. Relieve the Air-lock by
removing the screw (C) and wait until oil has flowed freely from this hole
for several seconds_until no bubbles appear in the oil issuing from the hole.
To insure that the oilier is pumping, remove the screw (D) and run the motor.
Oil should appear in drops through this hole. After testing, be sure and
replace the screw (D).




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