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The 1928 Indian Prince had over thirty outstanding improvements this model year a New Head Lamp,
Battery Box,Front and Rear wheel,same as 1927, 25" X 3.30 tire, Carb body V802Y,Noticeable
muffler and exhaust tube,Automatic oiler change in 1928,Seat change,still using the Mesinger but now the model is
V7000Y,Magneto was the same as the 1925,26,27 models early on but
changed later in 1928 to the Model JK-1,many more changes in 1928.

The Indian Prince used the Splitdorf Magneto model JK-1
The 1928 Indian Prince used the Splitdorf Magneto model GH-1 and the model JK-1
the GH-1 was used early in 28 and the model JK-1 was used Late in 28.
Specifications of the JK-1
Single cylinder,high tension magneto of the "H" armature or shuttle type-replaces Model GH-1
Splitdorf spec no. 7107
Rotation: L.H.
Motorcycle taper for the indian prince.

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This information was listed in the Daily News Paper Wednesday February. 22 1928.

Over 40 distinct new features will render smoother performance, greater comfort and finer appearance.
Each model bears a multitude of important refinements.
The Indian Prince for 1928 is a charming new Streamline Prince, built low, with grace and beauty in every line.
A new frame, a new streamline fuel tank, new handlebars and numerous other appointments have made the
Indian Prince a striking example of all that is fine in lightweight motor-cycle design.
A finely finished instrument panel surmounted by ammeter, panel light and lighting switch adorns ,the handlebars,
while a neat casing conceals and protects the electric wiring where ever possible.
The new low frame al lows of an exceptionally low saddle position — only 26 1/2 inches from the ground —
greatly increasing comfort and ease of handling.
The 1928 Prince is by far the most beautiful Prince ever.
Further features are as follows:
Longer footboards, new style grips, new grip control mechanism, new horn but ton, softer saddle springs,
new lubrication system improves efficiency, new mechanical oil pump, new crankcase venting,
a new high turbulence cylinder head, new silencer with outer barrel, new valve lifts, greater clearance in chain guards
eliminate chain rattle, new Wico 5HC battery, new generator belt, oil lines improved all around,
shut-off in hand oil pump line, improved generator cut-out, front chain guard stud improved in crankcase,
new improved gear shift lever, gear ratios in transmission changed to allow of snappier pick-up and
getaway in traffic, better alloys used in certain parts of transmission render longer life,
improved rear stand minimal effort required to raise machine onto stand.


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