1926 Indian Prince Data

The 1926 Indian Prince had new streamline look with the new style gas tank,
automatic oiler was the same for 1925,1926,1927 and changed in 28,
new messinger saddle, lower seat position, now the prince has a longer set of
handlebars, Seventeen new improvements in 1926, new keystone frame
with larger tubing, battery box with top and side removal, generator placed
higher, chainguard extended in curve over sprocket,same fenders as 1925,
many other changes.

The Indian Prince used the Splitdorf Magneto model GH-1
Single cylinder,high tension, armature type magneto-one chromium steel magnet-2"3/4" high.
Armature has tapered shaft with 5/16-8 standard thread-shaft height,1.771".

Used from 1925 to 1927 and early 1928.
Here are a few small details about the magneto.
Splitdorf spec no. 9208
Rotation: L.H.
Impulse Starter: STA
Cam Lobes: 1
Indian without ground stud.

Oil capacity: 3 quarts.
Motor: Bore: 2"3/4,Stroke 3 37-64",
Piston displacement:
21.25 cu.in.
Valve: Diameter 1"5/8". Lift 9-32"
Piston: Cast Iron,two rings at top 1/8".
Piston Pin: 5/8".
Connecting Rod: lower end roller bearings.
Horse Power, 2 1/2 H.P.
Horse Power dynamometer test, 8 H.P.

Gear Ratios
The standard sprocket equipment on the 1926 Indian Prince is as follows:
Motor Sprocket ----------15 tooth
Clutch sprocket ----------38 tooth
Countershaft sprocket ----------18 tooth
Rear Wheel sprocket ----------43 tooth
This gives a gear ratio of 6.05 to 1 in high; 10.89 to 1 in intermediate;
19.61 to 1 in low.

Tires: 26" x 2" 1/8".
Rims: 26" x 3" clincher (black finish).



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